Aug. 21st, 2014

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 I almost forgot to make an entry about the new ClearAo drama cd that a Tumblr user started to share, the translation, and the new song called Voyage Lucid! First off, I woke up around 10 AM and I had to go to school around 1 PM so I had enough time to fangasm about this for a good amount of time. I had a little trouble figuring out the password so I haven't actually listened to the drama but I read the translation and whoa that is a whole lot of cute I don't even get me out of here I'm going to drown and die in their cuteness why do they have to be so cute??? Okay, I'm calm. Somewhat. But seriously though, that was everything I expected when I heard that this drama cd was coming. I didn't expect them to put Clear into an alpha body! That had me yelling 'no' the whole time but I'm glad that at least Clear is still Clear and he's able to live with Aoba like he wishes to be. And when he wanted to be a better lover to Aoba and got advice from an advertisement, that literally had me cracking up. I guess he still doesn't know any better but that's what makes him cute. He's learning and coming a long way. He;s really grown up since you first see him in the original game. He even gets a job! You go Clear! Anyway, that was a very good way to start off my morning.


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