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This season finale really hit home for me. I had to stop watching partly because I didn't want to be teary-eyed when I got to school in the morning and the other reason is that I was running out of time to get out the door. I half expected some really important characters to die because...well. You know? It's the finale! The walking dead never have good endings. I've never heard of a horror game with a good ending. This game always ends with death and tears and that's exactly what happened. I was watching Cryaotic's LP of the game and he made all the choices I would have picked. The very last choice he picked was to kill Kenny and I can honestly see why he did it. Kenny was losing it. He was a broken man that lost everything dear to him. His wife, his kid, his original group, his girlfriend, no one trusted him in the current group and he felt himself slipping away every second. His intentions were good but he didn't exactly go about it the best way. No matter what he did, I still believed in Kenny to do the "right thing". Though I was disappointed everytime when he didn't live up to that. But still, he wanted what was best for the baby and Clementine and that's gotta count for something. Compared to everyone else in the group, he cared for Clementine the most. That much was clear. It was heartbreaking to see him go in Cry's LP. To see him die by your own hand to save Jane. To have him say "You did the right thing" and "I wished for this but now I'm scared." To have his final breath be "You were always good for a smile." Telltale knows how to rip open your ribs and take out your heart and smash it into a million pieces. I couldn't stop myself from getting emotional over this. I don't care if this is just a fictional character. He felt real to me. Everything he did and everything he said while he was still alive felt all real. Kenny was there from the beginning and to see him go like this was not what I wanted to see at all. So I took a look into all the endings to the finale and I gotta be honest here. As much as I like Jane, I have to say that Kenny's ending was the best ending by far. Everyone makes a valid point about Jane and Kenny and what they stand for. Kenny, which I stated, was a broken man who made bad decisions and is often misunderstood but he has good intentions. Jane, on the other hand, who is the real survivor that makes alot relatable points when it comes to surviving. She always pushes that it's best to be alone. She's trustworthy and is probably the best choice to go with but what if she decides that one day that you two are in a sticky situation and you can't get yourself out of it, she'll run away without a second thought to save her own skin? I believe she would most likely do that. 

Anyway, I've said what I thought about the final episode. I'm emotionally exhausted and it got me thinking out my existential purpose and life itself. Stuff that I rather not think about because it's scary;;;; All I need is a good night's sleep to forget about it all.
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