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 Alright, I'm kinda pissed today so I'm gonna vent here where no one can see it. weehee;;;
For the past few weeks, I've barely had food in my house and I've been starving. Just barely living off of small snacks in the vending machine. Naturally I would call my parents up to have them fill up my credit card or send me a care package but I've been afraid to tell my mother of the lack of money I have. She always gets mad that the money goes away pretty fast and thinks that I'm spending excessively. Spending...excessively right now makes sense though because there's no food in my house. How else am I going to eat? Like what? Do you not want me to eat? I'm skinny enough as it is and college takes all the energy out of me. So yeah, after being yelled at, she filled my card but now I'm kinda scared to actually go to the grocery store because she'd probably yell at me again. I'm gonna go anyway because pfft I like living. nom nom

After all of that jazz, I realize that one of classes has me down for failure because I've been late to class too many times. Luckily the lecture instructor was kind enough to erase that history and give me another chance. Then here comes Victor, an acquaintance of mine I met way back when I started college. All he's done ever since then was annoy the living fuck of me. I usually have a lot of patience for people but this kid has gotten on my last nerve. He has insulted me, molested me, stalked me....And the worse thing is that he doesn't quit! I visibly show him that I absolutely hate his guts but he still considers me a friend. Like what? Can you not? Just go. I have no tolerance for you and would very much not care if you disappeared from my life. 

It's stress stacking on top of more stress.

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