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 I've yet to play any other routes other than Clear's. The only reason I know so much about all the other boyfriends is because of Tumblr and bits and pieces of LP videos. I plan to play them but I can't decide to continue playing by myself or do a Let's Play of my own to get my genuine reaction on video. I kinda want to play with someone else too so I'm not the only one talking and rambling about what I think. And if I'm not rambling, I'm probably too immersed and quiet. Urgh, I need to find someone pronto. 

I have a feeing I'm going to have a change of heart for Noiz because right now, I'm not too fond of him. Of course, first impressions are everything but getting through his route will probably change the way I see him. I'm neutral with Koujaku. He's a cool guy, I guess. The only thing that he's got going on right now is his design because it is drop dead gorgeous. Mink, though I slightly disliked him in the beginning, is in the same place as Koujaku. I don't like him but I DON'T dislike him either. I'm not going to go into what I feel about Ren because spoilers but the most I can say is that I don't think I like him in a relationship with Aoba. He's cool as a friend/bro but that's it.


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