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 I can't believe I actually got teary-eyed when they finally showed his face. I kept pausing and going away for a short run around my sofa to calm down and came back to unpause it. Shortly after a millisecond, I paused it again because I just couldn't handle the anticipation. This was the one moment I was looking forward to when I first heard Dramatical Murder was getting an anime. Thoughts like "WHAT IS CLEAR'S FACE GONNA LOOK LIKE ANIMATED?" I was also scared that they might mess up his face but to be honest, it looked like 90% of their budget went to his face, lol. He was just so beautiful! *swoons* It's too bad I have no one that's as interested in dmmd as me to talk to about it because I can talk about it forever if I can. I tried talking to my mother about it and she just thought I was just being my usual weird self. My sister totally ignored me when I spazzed out. Oh well, that doesn't change I feel about this episode. It was good and that's that. 

Though, I didn't really...cry when Clear died. I knew it was coming and the anime doesn't really give you time to get sad when it happens. It goes through so fast that it left me feeling "meh" about his death. I understand they have such a small time to squeeze an entire route in one episode. And I've seen alot of people over Tumblr complain about not getting the "naked apron scene". It would have been nice but I don't really care if we'll ever get it. In fact, we're never going to get it. I say get over it. It's in the game so if you want to see it so bad, go play the route over again. I don't see what the big deal is. 

Anyway, how they did Clear's Scrap was absolutely precious. You can see the big mechanical heart that floating in front of Aoba, the jellyfish when Aoba first enters Clear, the calm and peaceful atmosphere their in. Unlike the other boyfriends, it wasn't grim-looking. The part where Aoba talks but nothing is audible, Clear walks away and looks back to smile at Aoba and Aoba...lets him go. He let him make his own decisions. He didn't want to hold him back and make the decisions for him like he's some kind of puppet master. Because if he did that, he would be doing what Toue was doing and taking away his freewill. That short scene was so touching and I am not afraid to say that Clear deserves the best boyfriend material medal. For someone that regards themselves as a machine, he sure acts more human than alot of characters on this show. 

Lol at the new fans who's scared out of their mind that he might not come back. I love seeing their reactions. He doesn't stay dead for long sillyss
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 OK WHOA HOLY SHIT IT'S NEAR'S BIRTHDAY AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW UNTIL I CHECKED NEAR'S TAG ON TUMBLR. I really should have been keeping tabs on my favorite character's birthday. I am ashamed that I can't get anything in because it'll be the 29th in 1 hour and 30 minutes. I guess I'll have to settle for a belated birthday upload then. And not to mention, I'm not even done with Koujaku's birthday gift which should have been done days ago. Procrastination gets me all the time. 

On another note, today was a new episode of DRAMAtical Murder. As I feared, this episode made me pity Noiz. I like slightly more than I did before I watched it but he's still not in my favorites list. I guess that's something. The only thing that excited me was that Alpha showed up with all of his toaster suit glory and sang the dye music! I can't wait to see more of him and alpha2 in the future episodes! Next stop: Echt which will be featuring Clear! *WHALE NOISES* They're going to show his face! Please don't mess this up animation team! Please don't or I'll smack a bitch I swear to you// It's kinda weird that Clear is having an episode before Mink. I think they should have done it in the order of the game: Koujaku, Noiz, Mink, and then Clear. To save the best for last, you know? But, oh well, I guess I'm happy it's coming early. 
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 I almost forgot to make an entry about the new ClearAo drama cd that a Tumblr user started to share, the translation, and the new song called Voyage Lucid! First off, I woke up around 10 AM and I had to go to school around 1 PM so I had enough time to fangasm about this for a good amount of time. I had a little trouble figuring out the password so I haven't actually listened to the drama but I read the translation and whoa that is a whole lot of cute I don't even get me out of here I'm going to drown and die in their cuteness why do they have to be so cute??? Okay, I'm calm. Somewhat. But seriously though, that was everything I expected when I heard that this drama cd was coming. I didn't expect them to put Clear into an alpha body! That had me yelling 'no' the whole time but I'm glad that at least Clear is still Clear and he's able to live with Aoba like he wishes to be. And when he wanted to be a better lover to Aoba and got advice from an advertisement, that literally had me cracking up. I guess he still doesn't know any better but that's what makes him cute. He's learning and coming a long way. He;s really grown up since you first see him in the original game. He even gets a job! You go Clear! Anyway, that was a very good way to start off my morning.
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 Happy birthday you sweet dork! I didn't know his birthday was coming up until yesterday. Thank god Tumblr likes to keep up-to-date with everything. Or should I say I should thank the dmmd fandom that's on Tumblr? Yeah, that sounds better. Anyway, during my free time after finishing and turning in my assignment, I doodled a small Koujaku picture for the occassion. I'm reluctant to post it on DA or Tumblr because I own people art and they might think I'm taking my sweet time;;; *nervous laughter* 

Image under the cut )
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 Okay, so I just got done watching episode 7 of Dramatical Murder and the one thing I've gotta say is whoa that went hella bad hella fast. Will they be going that fast for everyone else's route? Ah, well, I don't really care if Koujaku's episode was fast. That was cute as fuck, you've got to admit. I like Koujaku even more than I did before. It looks like the next episode will be , of course, Noiz. If this episode doesn't hange my opinion of him, I'm going to be more reluctant to try his route in the game. 

Uwaa, so skipping past Mink's episode and thinking about straight away to Clear's episode. I remember him getting a kiss in the rain with Aoba so if they gave Noiz a kiss scene with Aoba in the earlier episodes, then I'm sure as hell that Clear is going to get one too. And this leaves me utterly excited and full of butterflies. But then again, if his episode is exactly like his route that means we get to see the alphas, we get to see them fighting, and we unfortunately get to see Clear die. Totally NOT excited for that. But then again, we get to see Clear's face! I am so conflicted with feelings right now. You don't understand amg;;;;

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 I've yet to play any other routes other than Clear's. The only reason I know so much about all the other boyfriends is because of Tumblr and bits and pieces of LP videos. I plan to play them but I can't decide to continue playing by myself or do a Let's Play of my own to get my genuine reaction on video. I kinda want to play with someone else too so I'm not the only one talking and rambling about what I think. And if I'm not rambling, I'm probably too immersed and quiet. Urgh, I need to find someone pronto. 

I have a feeing I'm going to have a change of heart for Noiz because right now, I'm not too fond of him. Of course, first impressions are everything but getting through his route will probably change the way I see him. I'm neutral with Koujaku. He's a cool guy, I guess. The only thing that he's got going on right now is his design because it is drop dead gorgeous. Mink, though I slightly disliked him in the beginning, is in the same place as Koujaku. I don't like him but I DON'T dislike him either. I'm not going to go into what I feel about Ren because spoilers but the most I can say is that I don't think I like him in a relationship with Aoba. He's cool as a friend/bro but that's it.
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I'm really happy that my ask-kuria account is getting alot of likes and reblogs. I never expected them to reach over 3000 notes! To be honest, I didn't think it would go over 5 notes because my art on my main account always gets little to no notes. I guess it depends on which tags you put them in and who your followers are. Besides my Clear RP blog, I'm happy about alot of others things that pertains to irl. I'm moving in with a friend of mine, I'm getting good grades in college, I'm finally making friends, and I'm about to start making dakimakura pillows for Mello, Near, Clear, and Aoba. How exciting! I don't know how well that'll turn out since I've never made any physical items before but I bet this'll be fun. My only concern is WHO will buy it? There isn't many Death Note fans existing out there anymore but there's a butt load (Pun not intended) of DRAMAtical Murder fans since the series is fairly new. Not only am I doing this to have experience and fun but I'm having a little money trouble because college sucks everything out of you once you're there. I barely ever have money for food so there's the second reason. Hopefully this all turns out great! ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ


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