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 I can't believe I actually got teary-eyed when they finally showed his face. I kept pausing and going away for a short run around my sofa to calm down and came back to unpause it. Shortly after a millisecond, I paused it again because I just couldn't handle the anticipation. This was the one moment I was looking forward to when I first heard Dramatical Murder was getting an anime. Thoughts like "WHAT IS CLEAR'S FACE GONNA LOOK LIKE ANIMATED?" I was also scared that they might mess up his face but to be honest, it looked like 90% of their budget went to his face, lol. He was just so beautiful! *swoons* It's too bad I have no one that's as interested in dmmd as me to talk to about it because I can talk about it forever if I can. I tried talking to my mother about it and she just thought I was just being my usual weird self. My sister totally ignored me when I spazzed out. Oh well, that doesn't change I feel about this episode. It was good and that's that. 

Though, I didn't really...cry when Clear died. I knew it was coming and the anime doesn't really give you time to get sad when it happens. It goes through so fast that it left me feeling "meh" about his death. I understand they have such a small time to squeeze an entire route in one episode. And I've seen alot of people over Tumblr complain about not getting the "naked apron scene". It would have been nice but I don't really care if we'll ever get it. In fact, we're never going to get it. I say get over it. It's in the game so if you want to see it so bad, go play the route over again. I don't see what the big deal is. 

Anyway, how they did Clear's Scrap was absolutely precious. You can see the big mechanical heart that floating in front of Aoba, the jellyfish when Aoba first enters Clear, the calm and peaceful atmosphere their in. Unlike the other boyfriends, it wasn't grim-looking. The part where Aoba talks but nothing is audible, Clear walks away and looks back to smile at Aoba and Aoba...lets him go. He let him make his own decisions. He didn't want to hold him back and make the decisions for him like he's some kind of puppet master. Because if he did that, he would be doing what Toue was doing and taking away his freewill. That short scene was so touching and I am not afraid to say that Clear deserves the best boyfriend material medal. For someone that regards themselves as a machine, he sure acts more human than alot of characters on this show. 

Lol at the new fans who's scared out of their mind that he might not come back. I love seeing their reactions. He doesn't stay dead for long sillyss
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