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 Okay, so I just got done watching episode 7 of Dramatical Murder and the one thing I've gotta say is whoa that went hella bad hella fast. Will they be going that fast for everyone else's route? Ah, well, I don't really care if Koujaku's episode was fast. That was cute as fuck, you've got to admit. I like Koujaku even more than I did before. It looks like the next episode will be , of course, Noiz. If this episode doesn't hange my opinion of him, I'm going to be more reluctant to try his route in the game. 

Uwaa, so skipping past Mink's episode and thinking about straight away to Clear's episode. I remember him getting a kiss in the rain with Aoba so if they gave Noiz a kiss scene with Aoba in the earlier episodes, then I'm sure as hell that Clear is going to get one too. And this leaves me utterly excited and full of butterflies. But then again, if his episode is exactly like his route that means we get to see the alphas, we get to see them fighting, and we unfortunately get to see Clear die. Totally NOT excited for that. But then again, we get to see Clear's face! I am so conflicted with feelings right now. You don't understand amg;;;;


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